John Hampton

 John has over 25 years experience in marketing, sales, and brand development. He has extensive experience in the action sports category. He helped create the global Birdhouse Skateboard brand with the legendary athlete Tony Hawk. Birdhouse grew to become the second largest skateboard company in the world. Establishing the Tony Hawk brand as a household name with marketing, national tours, video games and licensed product lines. Moving into the restaurant industry he partnered to build the Wahoo's Fish Taco brand into a national recognized franchised chain. Building on the past extensive brand partnerships, he now primarily focuses on executing large festivals and music lifestyle activations throughout the United States.     

Enoch kuala

Enoch has over 10 years experience with Hampton Productions events. His knowledge for pre production and onsite supervision is what sets him a part from everyone. His dedication to make every event and project completed in the best and most efficient way possible is what makes him a team leader for everyone. 

Amber Wierenga

Amber studied at Long Beach State with a concentration in Marketing. Her artistry lies in recognizing the genius of others as a curator of fantastic events ranging from house parties to fundraisers and weddings to skate contests. Regardless of the theme or budget, Amber's attention to detail and over the top enthusiasm is infectious to her co-hosts and guests. Outside of writing and hostessing, you can find her hiking, riding beach cruisers, or strolling through museums and cemeteries around the world. As a formidable cook and social boozehound, Amber is also a staunch supporter of local farmers, chefs and mixologists.


Andrew began his career working at Rubin Postaer & Associates on the Honda and Acura North America accounts. From there he worked on the award-winning Nissan Shift campaign at the Designory. With 15 years of relationships with advertising agencies and brands, Andrew understands what is required to position an event to create a mutual partnership.

Kevin Geraldez

Kevin is at the top of his field as videographer and film editor. His creativity and designs have established him as a major asset in any film project. He has over 20+ years experience with some of the biggest toy companies as a director in graphic designs, project designs he has worked with us for over 10 years.


With over 17 years experience as an editor-shooter, Wesly have amassed an extensive reel that includes reality shows, web shows, short films, a feature, news programs, sports programming and variety shows, and almost any other genre you can think of.

Additionally, his career has taken him all over the globe. He’s an avid traveler and brings workflow technique and storytelling experience from Bombay, Philadelphia, New York and now Los Angeles.


Robert with over 15 years experience with talent, stage and sound can handle large or small events with ease. His knowledge of what musical talent works for each venue and event is what sets him apart. His event management and team leader skills supports to make each event great. 

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